Memorials and Mementos

We take pictures and turn them into magic!

Do you have someone in your family that has passed or do you want to memorialize certain memories? We create uplifting and memorable videos for many reasons. 

  • Upload your photos and video clips to our secure site with OneDrive. 
  • You can also choose to send them to our unique email address created just for your project. 
  • Videos are typically between 5 minutes and 15 minutes and are created from your media.
    However, we do build videos that are 30 minutes plus.
  • Media is arranged beautifully with photos being cropped appropriately with color correction if needed. 
  • If you provide details about your loved one, we'll add additional graphics to match. 
  • Background music (optional) can be added to fit the occasion and match the appropriate tone of the video. 
  • Your video is posted on YouTube (public, unlisted, or private) and you can share it via email, message, QR code, etc. 
  • We also provide a downloadable copy that can be stored offline however you choose. 
  • Archiving Services to digitize your physical photos and videos.
  • Advanced Photo Repair to repair scratches and marks.

Let us show you the range of videos we can create out of your pictures, video clips, etc.

Memorials for Loved Ones

We create beautiful memories for your precious loved one who has passed away.  We use graphics to show their favorites and hobbies and can even add music so you can play the video at the memorial or funeral.

We Create Pet Memorials, too!

Oftentimes, our pets are a member of our family and when they pass away, they leave a hole in our hearts. We create video memorials for pets as well, no matter the kind of pet. We have two examples on our video portfolio page that are pet memorials. 

Celebrate Special Moments in Time

We create videos to celebrate such as Senior photos, birth photos, videos for baby showers, and even a video created from a maternity photoshoot.

Special Events 

We create a videos for many special events, you can play them at the event or share with family. 

Memories for Years to Come

Take a lot of photos but want to do something special with them? As parents, we understand that some of our pictures just sit and there are so many that they are hard to share. We create a beautiful video that you can share and keep for years to come.

Preserve Your Family History

Many people have photographs from several generations, such as your great-great grandparents, or even entire family photos. We can take your photos and put them in a beautiful video where they can be shared to all family members and younger generations.

Preserve Your Physical Mementos

Many of us have physical mementos from previous generations or for example, the movie ticket from your first date with your spouse. 

Professional Slideshows

We also create these types of videos for professional reasons for individuals and organizations. Reception Media can be a mix of photos and information that will help your customers as they wait for their appointment. We also created modeling portfolio videos or a product showcase that you can show at Tradeshows. 


Interested in these Services? You can view pricing for memorial and memento videos on our Pricing page.