Video Services

We create AMAZING videos!

We CREATE all kinds of videos and can help you EDIT your videos as well. We have years of experience in crafting educational videos for healthcare and technology organizations. We would love to partner with you to produce something amazing!

Examples here: 

Pandora  Creates LLC - Pricing for our most popular services!

Memorial & Memento Videos

  • Videos for Memorials & Funerals
  • Vacation and Holiday Videos
  • Engagement, Wedding, & Anniversary Videos
  • Family History - Historical Photo Videos
  • Archiving (Scanning) Services

More about Memorial and Memento Videos...

Educational and Informational Videos

We create educational videos for all ages! We are familiar with the important principles of adult learning and make videos that are engaging and achieve better results.

  • eLearning Videos for External or Internal Training
  • Instructional & Explainer Videos
  • Microlearning Videos
  • PowerPoint to Video

Professional Videos

We also help businesses and individuals stand out with various types of marketing videos. These can be for social media, websites, or displayed at a trade show or booth. Market your business, market yourself, or market your product - and we can help!

  • Short Ads
  • Commercials
  • Gallery Videos
  • Portfolio and Resume Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Unboxing and Product Videos

What Makes Our Videos So Amazing?

Not only do we have an artistic eye for arranging, but we pack our videos with features that make them both beautiful and engaging!

Animated Intros and Outros

We create beautiful animated intros and outros for your videos, which we call "bookends." These coordinate together and we can use your specific branding and colors. 

Animated Logos, Titles, and Transitions

We keep the audience interested and watching the screen with animation throughout the entire video. This includes any titles, subtitles,  and transitions. We can even animate your logo and provide instructions or your contact information at the end. 

Narration in English

We narrate your video in English with a real person to create that personal connection. We can provide different inflections, changing pitch and emphasis - as only a real, human voice can do. 

Animated Characters

We are able to create animated characters to represent you and/or your staff. Not only that, but we can sync the voiceover with the characters to bring them to life!

Animated Backgrounds

We use beautiful, animated backgrounds to fit your theme or topic. We pay close attention to color schemes as well so they align closely with your branding.

Custom eLearning Screens

We create custom eLearning screens so that learners can digest the topic quickly and efficiently. This ensures that your audience is paying attention to the right information and retaining what really matters.

Screen Recording for Software Training

We are highly skilled at screen recording which is great when it comes to creating software training for both internal and external customers.

Thumbnail Graphics

We create matching thumbnail graphics for posting to YouTube or other platforms. This includes any branding such as logos and other art to fit your topic and color scheme.


We know it is important to make videos that everyone can enjoy, even those with disabilities. For that reason, we find creating captions essential and should always be an addition. We are familiar with making the captions ADA-compliant and can add captions for sounds, such as laughing or indicating that music is playing.

Example Videos!

Here are a couple of our videos to show you what we can do!
  • Greenshot Video 1: Taking Better Screenshots with Greenshot
  • Pet Memorial for Bugs Budgie the Quaker Parrot