Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

We want to help our customers better utilize technology so they can be successful and efficient while increasing profitability and minimizing costs. This includes investigating processes and determining a more streamlined workflow. 

Technology Solution Experts

We are technology solution experts and can 1) identify the issue and 2) research solutions. We know that every company and small business is unique and solutions are not one-size-fits-all. 

Software Support

We are very knowledgeable about a wide array of software systems and can be your technical support when you run into issues. We can also be a liaison for you when communicating with your software vendor, clearing up any confusion and getting you closer to a solution. 

Software Administration

We have years of experience administrating software systems such as Learning Management Systems, Conflict of Interest systems, content management systems, and more. We can assist you with administrating your own system and writing best practices for new users or administrators. 

Documentation and Wiki Building

Building documentation greatly speeds up detailed processes and ensures that everyone is following the correct and current information. We have years of experience in creating both documentation sheets & videos and full Wiki sites.

Content Creation

We are leaders in content creation and can advise you on the different programs and equipment you need to get started. This includes recording podcasts or short videos, editing your own videos, uploading to social media, and even creating presentations.
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