Photography & Archiving Services

Photography Services Offered by Pandora Creates LLC

  • Scanning of Photos (Archiving)
  • Video of Your Photos 
  • Profile & Professional Photos 
  • Photo Editing & Cleanup

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Photo Scanning & Archiving
We know that everyone has pictures from the past that they treasure. Save them digitally by using our Scanning & Archiving services. 
We will scan your photographs, treat them with care, and then will return them to you along with copies digitally on a USB drive. 
We even offer advanced photo repair for your scratched or damaged photos. 
Photos to Video
Our specialty is taking photos and turning them into beautiful videos with effects, titles, and even caption text. We add graphics to match the theme and favorite colors, and create custom backgrounds. 
Personal & Professional Photos
Need a professional photo for LinkedIn or other Social Media? We have the best equipment including a green screen and ring light, and we can edit the photo to make it perfect!  With the green screen, we can add several different backgrounds in high quality. We can edit the photo to remove any imperfections such as acne and or fuzzy hairs.
Photo Editing & Repair
We can edit your scanned photos or digital photos you've taken with your phone.
We can repair scratches and dirt spots, etc.

The photo below is the only photo someone had of their Dad. They were able to get it professionally printed and hung up on their wall which made them so very happy!